A Beginner’s Guide to Backing Up Photos

“I’ve seen it all,” says the award-winning National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale, about backing up her photos. “I’ve had hard drives fail throughout my career. For example, back when I first started as a photographer, I had a very nice hard drive system in my home, and the whole thing failed.” In retrospect, Ms. Vitale says, she would have definitely set the system up differently.

“I lost some historic moments from the first part of my career,” she says, “and they’re gone forever.”

Ms. Vitale may shoot photos differently from how most of us capture images these days — she shoots with a digital single-lens-reflex camera (or DSLR). But her cautionary tale should resonate, since many of the same vulnerabilities exist when photographing with smartphones. In other words, if you’re snapping away without a backup plan for your photos, beware: In an instant, you could lose them all, forever.

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